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Monday, January 02, 2017

Persimmons in Asian Art

Betty's home has a beautiful painting of persimmons, see
Carolyn shares her four-fold wall hanging of persimmons plus persimmon flower arrangement.


Carolyn has another painting of persimmons in her home.

If you notice, the number of persimmons in the paintings are all in even numbers.   Betty's has 4 persimmons on the tree, Carolyn's two paintings have 8 and 2 persimmons respectively. 

The Fuyu variety is the most popular ones at the current time for its non-astringent nature.   It can be consumed right from the tree without any waiting period.  In addition, the Chinese/Japanese name of Fuyu  is "富有",  the meaning of these two words directly translate to "rich abundance", most would consider that as a desirable situation.



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