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Saturday, September 10, 2016

The Longer the Wool, the Less the Ring - Agouti Pattern

In this litter of 6 French Angora bunnies there are a solid chestnut agouti, two broken chestnut agouti and three chocolate agouti; photo taken at one day old in December 2015.    One of the telltale signs of newborn bunnies being agouti pattern is the pink ears.   If it were self color, the little ears will have the same color as the body instead of being pink.   

The same bunnies are now 6 weeks old, picture taken in early February 2016.

The solid chestnut is Lady GiGi on the left, the left is her sister Lady Godiva, a chocolate agouti.

Lady GiGi likes to stand up, takes after her daddy Freddie.

While her siblings have all gone to their new homes, Lady GiGi stays with Betty.   This is her when she was 4 months old. 

At four months old, Lady GiGi's Chestnut ring is very definitive with the help of a blower separating her wool in all directions.

Lady GiGi is 6 months old.


Lady GiGi's chestnut ring at 6 months old, not as definitive as when it's 4 months old.  

Lady GiGi is 8 months old with a gorgeous coat and achieved the Grand Champion status.  This picture is taken in the full sun.

Another picture of Lady GiGi taken in the shade.

At 8 months old with a gorgeous winning coat, the ring, however, is not as pretty as when it's a baby coat.

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