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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

German Reporters Filming at Santa Rosa




At Santa Rosa, photographer/videographer Stefan and reporter JC came to film the showing of English Angora.    Stefan and JC are making a documentary on Betty's English Angora; Stefan is based in Germany and JC is based in Shanghai, China.   The flew in specifically for this assignment. 

Judge Jennifer starts English Angora judging in show A, Stefan sprung into action.


Judge Jennifer makes comments about the white English Angora, Stefan films and JC listens.


More filming of the white English Angora.


Filming from the other side of the judging table.


Judge Jennifer is now working on the colored English Angora.


More close up of colored English Angora being judged.

Stefan admires Betty's Angora cowl.

Stefan tries on Betty's Angora cowl.


JC, Betty and Stefan.

A close up of JC, Betty and Stefan.   They have spent almost two whole days together for the film project, one day at Betty's residence and one day at the show.   There will be more photos of filming at Betty's home posted in the near future.

JC and Stefan left the Santa Rosa show room in the afternoon driving directly to LAX to catch a flight back to Germany.    Stefan is to be on a 10 am flight and JC on a 4 pm flight.   We are happy to report that both have arrived in Germany safely.

The finished film is to be broadcasted in a German TV program then posted on the website of the TV company.    Tentatively it's scheduled in late January or February.



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