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Monday, December 21, 2015

Does Judge Paula Courtney Look Familiar?

When judge Paula started Best In Show selection, those who are standing there thought she looks familiar but we know that she is a new judge, had not judged in CA before the Red Bluff show.

Betty and Maddie are the two lucky winners.

Betty's English Angora gets the Best In Show, after the photo op, a little chatting reveal something interesting: Both were in the Rabbit Fever movie!  The movie is a documentary about youth competing for royalties at the ARBA convention in 2003, Betty's role is so minute that if you blink, you'll miss her.  However, that's not the case with judge Paula....

This is a post on the Rabbit Fever website, Jenna, Jeremy, Jessica, Paula and Johnny are the youth royalty contestants while Joseph is a previous royalty winner.     Of all youth contestants in the movie, the only one who won the royalty contest was Paula Courtney, she achieved the 2005  "ARBA Queen" status.  Joseph also won the royalty contest but it was very long time ago; he did have a major achievement in 2003 when the Rabbit Fever started, Joe's Tan was the Best In Show in the 2003 ARBA convention.



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