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Thursday, October 02, 2014

Crowded Show Scene at Stockton

The Big Valley RA show is one of the major shows in the fall, early in the morning, exhibitors arrive to carve out a good spot.   Casey is arranging her English Angora inside a stall.

Betty's English Angora entries are also inside the stalls, her fiber exhibits are just outside the stalls.

Tammy from WA is working on her Giant Angora, all her rabbits are also inside the stall while the youth French Angora from NV are set up in the aisle.

Most of the good inside spots are taken and the rabbits are spilling outside the barn.
Inside the barn or at the edge of the barn, people and rabbits are everywhere.

Some rabbits are placed in the shade outside the barn.


Here is another view at the edge of the barn.

At the BBQ area and under the trees, there are rabbits and exhibitors.

Here is a view from outside the barn.


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