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Friday, July 25, 2014

American Fuzzy Lop National Show Winners

In the "To Molt or not to Molt" post yesterday, there was discussion of the point distribution in the American Fuzzy Lop breed standard.  The points assigned to wool is no where near the Angora breeds while the general type carries 75% of the total points.  The head and the body each carries 30 points thus these two count 60 points out of 100 points.   
The following are the four open winners in the American Fuzzy Lop national show in May 2014.   Thanks to the American Fuzzy Lop club, we are given the chance to see the good representation of the top animals. 
Broken senior buck, Best of Breed,  the AFL National Show.

Solid senior doe, Best Opposite Sex of the Breed,  the AFL National Show. 
Broken senior doe, Best Opposite Sex of Variety,  the AFL National Show. 

Solid senior buck, Best Opposite of Variety,  the AFL National Show.




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