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Thursday, February 27, 2014

California State Convention Judges Conference

The judges conference part of the California State Convention was held on Friday night, February 21, 2014.   There were 9 sessions in the conference.

Scott Rodriguez of WY teaches posing of show rabbits.

Allan Ormond of Utah discusses commercial type rabbits.  Allan had a surgery done on his feet recently but it does not preventing him from traveling to rabbit shows.

Scott Williamson's topic is disqualification.

Chris Zemny has an informative slide show of the rabbits' bone structure.  The Belgian Hare is on the left and the right is the French Lop.  The bone models are made by a breeder in WA.

Betty Chu's topic is French Angora, more photos of this session will be posted tomorrow.

Carol Green has the attention of attendees when she presents Jersey Wooly.

Allan Barr discusses "balance" of rabbits and cavies.

Allen Mesick and Lauralee Erbe put four Satin rabbits behind the curtain, attendees put their hands into each slot and write down the order of the proper Satin texture.

Cathy Szychulda's topic is the Rex coat. 


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