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Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Betty's English Angora on Huffington Post

Betty and Chu's Lilianna.

Betty says,

Our readers probably are quite tired of seeing this photo of me with my white doe Lilianna.   This picture was taken in a show at Watsonville in 2011.  A passerby asked to take a picture of me grooming Lilianna, I agreed then gave him my camera and said, "Take one with my camera."

Lilianna won all breed Best In Show that day, I posted her winning picture and this one showing her being groomed.

Over time this picture went viral, especially during the time when the ARBA convention was going on at Harrisburg.    I was asked about it over and over by others.  Recently a photo editor from Huffington Post asked to use this photo then a reporter asked to have more photos and information in order to do a write up about English Angora.   The post first appeared on Huffington Post on February 2, 2014:

A website published in Costa Rica picked up the six photos and the story plus one more photo that was originated from this blog, the post appeared in Spanish on:



  • At 8:45 AM, Blogger Veronica said…

    And now your picture and story can be read in Norwegian ;)


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