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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Vicki, Kelly and Cora, A Family Of English Angora Lovers

Left to right are Cora, Cora's grandma Vicki and Cora's mom Kelly.

Kelly was very active in shows when she was in youth, winning youth Best In Show with her English Angora white senior doe Lauren in the 1998 ARBA convention in Portland, OR. She had to slow down in showing when she went to college then dental school and got married with two children. She is now a D.D.S. with her own practice. Her white does are still gorgeous and here is Kelly with one of her beauties.

Betty and Vicki have been good friends for a long time, when Kelly left the convention on Tuesday to get back to work, Betty and Vicki got to spent more time together. Vicki was the secretary of the National Angora Rabbit Breeders Club for a long time. Starting from utilizing the Angora wool to make heavy winter socks, Vicki now has a full time business with employees making and marketing winter wears. Visit her website at Vicki and Kelly do not have time to go to a lot of shows but they are still actively participating in the ARBA national conventions.


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