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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Close Encounter of Vince Gill and Amy Grant at Pebble Beach

Beautiful Pebble Beach golf course.

Photo of Amy Grant and Vince Gill, found on the net.

Vince Gill's autograph and a Saturday ticket to the AT&T golf game.

Autographs of Vince Gill, V J Singh and David Duval. On the right is the program book.

Betty says,

"AT&T sponsors a ProAm golf game in Pebble Beach each year. Pebble Beach is just next to Monterey bay, about 40 some miles from my home. We usually get 'any day' tickets and I would pick Wednesday as my day of visit. Wednesday is the day of celebrity playing limited holes with the intention of interacting with fans. Photo-taking and autograph-seeking are the common activities on Wednesday.

This year we got two tickets for Saturday, an official game day. Neither camera nor cell phone was allowed.

We got there, walked around for a while, sat at the 18th hole for a while. Then we found out that Vince Gill was playing. Vince Gill is one of our favorite singers so hubby and I decided to find his group.

There he was, playing with three other players. Though we had been to his concerts for many times, we had never seen him so close in the daylight. From the small group of people following, we saw Amy Grant. Amy, wife of Vince Gill, is also a wonderful singer. We have seen Amy on stage many times as well. She and her two girlfriends were walking in front of, behind or beside us. Both Vince Gill and Amy Grant were as close as to a touching distance but I did not have my camera!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

After hours of following the game, Vince Gill's group finished playing. Hubby got his autograph, a little consolation.

I wish we had gone on Wednesday and I would have many photos to share on the blog."


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