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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Susie Asleep

Susie took Best of Breed in show B. Toward the end of the show, Betty was getting her ready to go on the judging table to be considered for Best In Show. Betty extended her legs to a small stool and Susie went asleep on Betty's lap.

There was a jewelry show in the next building thus lots of non-rabbit people would wander into the rabbit show. A lady walked by, "What's that?" "A rabbit." "I can't believe it, is it alive?" "Yes, I am grooming her; she probably fell asleep." "Can I take a picture? I can't believe what I see." "OK, go ahead."

Here are the pictures.

Susie received an honorable mention as one of the contenders for Best In Show but did not win the top honor in show B.


  • At 2:01 PM, Blogger Vivelly said…

    Susie looks like a sheepwool blanket lying over your lab Betty. What a sweet bunny. :-)


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