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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Candy's New Rabbit Barn In Ohio

Dave is taking it easy, but he's done a lot of work too. He's in the back yard, and you can see the lake and woods in the background.

The field, with the mowed path to the lake, has a lot of clover in it, and a neighbor makes hay from it. I've been giving some clover to the rabbits.

The rabbit building is the tall aluminum thing.

Closeup of the rabbit barn.

The inside of the rabbit barn, there are a few holes in the roof, front, and back. I have roofing/siding ordered, and Dave will replace a few pieces. I still only have 5 rabbits. I've clipped 2 since I've been here, and it's about time to clip 2 more.

Work bench in the rabbit barn.

Geese in the yard.


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