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Friday, June 08, 2007

Tracy Visits Pat in So. California

It has been a long time since Giant Angora was shown in the No. CA. shows.

Tracy has decided to get some Giant Angora for show and for wool. In late April Tracy took a trip to So. CA. to visit Giant Angora breeder Pat. Pat has been a breeder and exhibitor of Giant Angora and French Angora since the 1980s. She is known to be a reputable breeder and a talented artist.

In the top photo, Tracy, Pat and Marie-Paule posed in front of Pat's rabbitry. Marie-Paule is holding a Satin Angora that she purchased from Tracy. Pat is showing off her three Giant Angora in front of her rabbitry in the second photo. The third photo is a closer look of these three junior rabbits.


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