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Monday, October 10, 2005

Casey and Cole

We were in the double shows in Napa on Sunday.

I am here posting a picture of Casey and Cole. Casey has not been showing for a while due to her health and the rabbits being "ice prince" and "ice princess". She still comes to shows to visit. Cole is Casey's son, a son who everyone wishes to have. I've known Cole since he was 5 years old. He is now 19, an excellent student at UC Santa Barbara. He drove long hours to come home to visit and we were thrilled to see him coming to the show with Casey. Cole practically grew up in the rabbit shows, we missed him a lot when he went away to college.

Now Casey's health scare is over, and there are three does due next week, we hope Casey's baby dry spell will be over soon. Hopefully she will be back in full force in a few months. Casey and I did a lot of spinning in the show working on the new electric spinner. She finished plying an entire 8-oz bobbin and I finished spinning 1-1/2 bobbin full of wool. We attracted quite a crowd. Others are always fascinated how the wool on our beautiful animals would later turned into yarn. They got a good lesson watching two of us spin. I even sold two skeins of yarn right there. We had such a happy time with them that rabbit results can wait until tomorrow.


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