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Sunday, May 29, 2022

Very Friendly Santa Clara Fair Management

After show A judging, there was a break for lunch.  We had the chance of meeting the Santa Clara Fair management team.   We felt very welcome to have the fair management people coming  to the show, talked with us, mingled with us, observed the shows and viewed the rabbits and cavies.

I have been to 80 percent of the fairgrounds in California plus some fairgrounds in other states.   I had never seen the CEO of the fair coming to a rabbit show to visit and observe.   This is the first in my 40 years of showing: the CEO of the Santa Clara Fair Abe Andrade brought his family to the rabbit show.  Pictured are Abe in the white shirt with his son Abe, jr, daughter-in-law, his grandson and granddaughter.   Rabbit raising is a family affair, maybe they would be interested in joining our wonderful world of rabbits?   Also interesting to find out that they are virtually neighbors to me: Abe lives less than 10 miles south of my home and the family of Abe, jr. live in the same town as my home.

Fair Manager Salene Durate chats with judge Doug King.  

This is the first time in 20 plus years that the Santa Clara Fair sponsors an open rabbit event.   I am very honored that my white doe is the first Best In Show winner.   Judge Doug King and Salene Durate got a photo taken together with my girl.

Betty and Carol with fair manager Salene.

Betty with Salene.

The fair Facebook page posted more than 80 photos and videos.   
This is the fair photographer who is responsible for
 the excellent record of the first open rabbit show events.   


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