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Saturday, May 21, 2022

Auston Gets His First Hair Cut

Auston was born in early January 2021, almost a New Year 2021 baby.

Auston did well in 90 percent of the shows that he went to, even won over does a few times and was awarded a Reserve In Show in an all breed open show.  This is him being grown in January 2022.

Auston was cut a week after the shows at May 2022 show at Merced after winning a BOV and BOSB.   The first cut was always the hardest.

He has his first coat on for 16 full months, a record for a buck.  

Auston's coat is as big as any of the does.  

Under that big coat, there is a round body. 

The wool drapes like a waterfall.  

Here is a side profile of the wool-fall.  

Here is wool off Auston's body.  

Another look at Auston's wool being taken out of his body.  A skein of lumpy yarn is in the plan.



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