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Friday, August 13, 2021

Chestnut Agouti Giant Angora Waiting to be Presented at the ARBA Convention

These are Chestnut Agouti Giant Angoras.   Aren't Giant Angora only come in REW (ruby eye white)?

Giant Angora was accepted as a breed at the 1988 ARBA Convention in Madison, WI, I was lucky to have witnessed the acceptance and was one of the groomer/helpers.    The only "color" accepted was REW.   Over the years since 1988, there have been many breeders trying to put color into the Giant Angora.  Some bred color into the Giant Angora for wool production, some tried to go through the official channel of getting a COD to present it to the ARBA seeking acceptance.   As far back as in the 1990s, the Black Giant Angora was presented by many COD holders,  but one after another failed.     

Tammy Vaughn of WA has very nice REW Giant Angora for several years.  She decided to get a COD to present Chestnut Agouti Giant Angora.  Her team included her husband Kevin Vaughn and her best friend Karin McTeague (not in the photo), and at this coming convention the team will attempt to do the first showing.  This is the first ever COD on Chestnut Agouti Giant Angora.   

We feel very hopeful that this COD team would be successful.   Presentation takes a lot of cage space, effort, money, time, attention to detail, correct feeding and conditioning, grooming and careful record keeping.   This team seems to have all the elements to make it happen.

One more look at these Chestnut Agouti Giant Angoras.



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