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Monday, August 07, 2017

Winning Best In Show is a Family Affair in Minnesota

 Twin Ports Rabbit Club holds double open and double youth shows in Proctor, MN on Saturday, August 5, 2017. 

Mother and daughter, Alicia on the left and Katelyn on the right, are a team of French Angora breeders.   Guess what they did this past weekend?  7 Pine's Arianna wins the open Best In Show for Alicia and 7 Pine's Luna wins the youth Best In Show for Katelyn.

Grandma Deb on the right isn't doing too shabby either, her English Angora doe 7 Pine's Ashley wins Reserve 4 Class to Alicia's 4 class win with 7 Pine's Arianna.     Arianna goes on to win the open Best In Show.  In the middle is the 4 class judge Michelle.

Judge Sheri is the Best In Show judge who picked Arianna as the top winner.


In the other show, judge Susie awards the Reserve In Show to 7 Pine's Arianna.


Judge Erik is very impressed with French Angora and the Rex, the youth Best In Show and Reserve In Show winners.  


Judge Shane and Katelyn and the youth Best In Show winner 7 Pine's Luna.



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