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Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Angeline is a Pampered Princess

In January 2014, a litter of white English Angora was born at Betty's place.   Three of them are normal size babies while one is less than half of the size of its littermates.
Usually a baby of this size would fade away but this little one kept on fighting for its share of milk and was able to get full feeding each time.   It's small but it looks healthy.
At 2-1/2 weeks old, the little one is still 1/2 size of its littermate.


At 3-1/2 weeks old the little one competes for treat with its littermates.

At three months old, the little one is still a half size bun but as healthy as all its littermates; and by the way, it's a girl.  

Here are the three girls in the litter.  From left to right are: Angeline, Janie and Jacie.   


Angeline is small but totally proportional.   If she is not compared to her littermates, she looks just like a show quality English Angora.    She is four months old in this photo.

Betty feels the best place for Angeline would be a loving indoor home that she could enjoy her life.   Carolyn is the perfect mama for Angeline.  At 5 months old, Angeline went home with Carolyn.

Look at Angeline, isn't this a wonderful life?  




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