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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Randy and Allen Clean Up at the The American Colored Angora Goat Registry's National Show

Randy and Allen's red Angora goat buck kid #609 won the overall Best In Show.

A close up of the big winner #609.


Randy and Allen took a long trip from California to Michigan to attend the American Colored Angora Goat Registry's National Show held at the Michigan Fiber Festival.   The good news came that their goats won everything there was to be won.  Allen says,
"The American Colored Angora Goat Registry's National was well worth the long drive to MI. We showed 25 goats, won every class entered, including 2nd place in 5 of the same classes.  We brought 4 yearling does and took 1-4, for example. It was an awesome show for us. After winning all Colored Champions and Reserves, we competed against the Registered White Angora Goats for Best In Show. White goats are many years ahead of the fairly new Colored Angora Goat. Thus, BIS is usually unrealistic for a Colored Angora breeder. Nonetheless, we pulled off the nearly unattainable win with our Red Buck Kid #609. We were excited about the buck going into the national and believed he was the best Colored Goat we've bred to date. This win is testament to all the years of trying to make our breed as equivalent to the whites. As the judge picked #609, he said, "This buck is what you might expect to find in a picture in a magazine." "


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