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Saturday, May 14, 2022

Betty Welcomes Two White Kittens

I always like white cats, had one white female in my teens then 2 white males during the 70s into the 80s.    I have been searching for a white kitten for over 6 months without much success.  Thanks to Carol's daughter Kendall who screenshot this FB post to Carol then Carol sent it to me.  I called right away, spoke to Teresa who was so nice and told me I could have them.    Guess which fairground it was? Merced!  We were just there last Saturday.      

My wonderful hubby Albert offered to accompany me to the Merced County Fairgrounds the next morning; and here they are, two little white kitties.   They were discovered in bushes by the fairgrounds maintenance crew on Thursday, the day Teresa posted on her FB.   Albert and I went on early Friday morning.  

Teresa is wonderful, she kept the two kitties in a big box in her office overnight, they are nice and clean, no flea, no dirt... can't imagine how the stray mama cat was able to keep her babies in such clean condition.   Teresa put this post on her FB when we were on our way home (2 hour drive one way) and then received an e-mail from her.   Not only I gained two kitties, I also gained a friend.   


As you can see I am thoroughly enjoying these two white kittens.

Thank you Teresa, thank you Carol, thank you Kendall, and thank you Albert, you all help to make my dream come true.    And yes, I am still in love with my Angoras!

One white baby learning to be a lap cat on the first night at the Chu household. 

The other one is not far behind enjoying my lap and learning to watch TV.  


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