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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Hobby Collections at the Alameda Fair

In a building with the name of "Hobbies" there are glass display cases that allow people to enter their collections for competition.   The first place winner is a collection of shell-related objects.  The title is called "One Evolution of Shells".

This Hello Kitty collection gets one of the several second place ribbons but it steals the heart of many Hello Kitty fans.   Hello, Jill, Maureen, Cathy, ...

This display of bead work also has a first place ribbon.  There must be different categories to have more than one first place winner.

This person displays all the little cups from all fifty states.

This would be a dream display for a porcupine lover.

The perfume bottles gets another second place ribbon.

Another first place ribbon is awarded to the winter wonderland collection.

 East African display.

Not sure what these are, the left side looks like a toy collection from Japan and the right seems to be the bobble heads from the US.

Toy fire engines and cars.

Yellow ducks.  Feel like to take a bath?

The masks are kind of haunting.  

Elephant collection on the left and some kind of monster figures on the right.

This case is a little to the side of the hobby collections.   It displays the small wooden objects entered in the competition. 


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