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Monday, June 26, 2017

NCAG Show A Judging at Portola Valley

The annual summer poolside party with specialty shows and potluck lunch is held at Carol's backyard on Saturday June 24, 2017.
The first breed on the table is the Satin Angora.  Casey's little junior doe wins the BOB from judge Nate Burbidge from Utah.

Judge Nate has a full table of French Angora in front of him.


Two pretty French Angora broken chestnut senior does at the first and second place slots.  At the current time, French Angora is the only Angora breed that accepts the broken pattern that was passed in the 1993 ARBA convention in WA, it is shown in the colored variety.

The broken doe on the left is the BOB winner.


On the table are one broken chestnut and three solid chestnut French Angora seniors.  These are all shown in the colored variety.


Judge Nate is examining a junior French Angora.


Now it's the English Angora's turn on the table.   Aaron and Matt are owners of several of these REW English Angora.

There are one white English Angora senior buck and five white junior bucks on the table.

A cute little black English Angora junior doe is being examined.


Watching judge Nate are Aaron, Matt and new exhibitor Corinne.

Cute little English Angora junior does.


The cute English Angora colored junior does from the other side of the judging table. 


Among three BOB winners, judge Nate selected Betty's English Angora white senior buck Chu's Jovis as the Best In Show Specialty (BISS).

For a complete list of Angora results, go to:


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