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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

WCC Northern California Angora Guild Second Specialty Show at Reno

Tara Parker of Oklahoma is the judge for the second NCAG specialty show.
On the table are the beautiful shiny Satin Angora.  Joey is writing for judge Tara.

The English Angora is on judge Tara's table.

Betty puts her English Angora colored senior bucks on the table.

Matt and Joyce watch the judging of English Angora.

On the table are the Giant Angora that are all white.   Tammy, Susan and Heather are watching.


The Giant Angora young juniors are very cute.

The French Angora has the highest entries.

When French Angora goes on the table, Betty took over the table writer's job.

Judge Tara is ranking the French Angora in the class.

Amanda watches French Angora judging.


Judge Tara is comparing the finalists for French Angora BOB.

Judge Tara likes the French Angora colored senior buck.

The winner of the French Angora BOB then specialty Best In Show is Carol's colored senior buck Austin.

For a complete list of Angora results in the two NCAG specialty shows, go to:


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