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Saturday, May 13, 2017

WCC Friday Night NWARA Angora Specialty Show at Reno

During the WCC events, Angoras have the chance to be judged 7 times in the three open shows and 4 specialty shows.   For Giant Angora and Satin Angora, there is the "Rare Breed Show", so these two have one additional chance to be judged.

The WCC official opening ceremony is held on Saturday morning, May 6.  Northwest Angora Rabbit Association holds the first Angora specialty show on Friday night in conjunction with several other specialty shows. 

Friday night show is actually the most enjoyable show during WCC.   The showroom is yet to be crowded, everything is nice and clean, people are relaxed, ...

The judge for the NWARA specialty show is Stacy Easton Martin from Ohio.  She is very familiar with Angora, having been judge in previous Angora national show and being voted in as the ARBA convention judge for Angora.

Stacy's husband Joey is a registrar preparing for his judge's test, he observes and writes for Stacy.

All the English Angora are on the table.

Stacy comments on the senior English Angora, Joey records her comments.

Stacy likes the nice English Angora black junior doe.

French Angora is now on judge Stacy's table.  

Judge Stacy is examining one of the French Angora juniors.

It looks like judge Stacy likes this big French Angora.

Now Stacy's table is loaded up with Giant Angora, Mason is checking the list.

In the coops are the four first place Giant Angora.

The Satin Angora have such impressive color.

The Satin Angora are distinctively shiny and colorful.  

On the table are the four Best of Breed winners.

Judge Stacy checks on the French Angora BOB...

... and the English Angora BOB. 

The specialty Best In Show goes to the English Angora and the specialty Reserve In Show goes to the French Angora.   Betty happens to be the bunny mama of both of them.

NWARA does a great job in putting on the specialty and they have great prizes.

For a complete list of Angora results at the NWARA specialty shows, go to:


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