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Thursday, March 02, 2017

Ida and her Buddies

Ida has had a great show career and made quite a splash in the news media.   Here is a photo of Ida being featured in a German TV program.    She also danced with Steve Harvey and featured in the news websites in UK.    Until today, I still get requests from news media wanting to use her photos.  Here are some of our blog posts that feature Ida:

After retiring from shows, Ida tried motherhood but it's not meant to be.   April adopted Ida as her house pet, Ida now has her buddies. 

Ida and her two buddies in April's bed.

April volunteers in hospitals and nursing homes with her therapy animals.   She says,
"Seems due to requests Ida will be going more than once a week to the senior residence.  Last Wednesday I took her and placed her in a bed with a lady, left for an hour to play piano for a class, people in wheel chairs were saying how happy she was to be snuggling with Ida, the staff was taking pictures, people were amazed, she never poops or pee's.  She was perfect the whole hour.  One lady asked me, "Where is that precious rabbit?"
  So I have been asked if it is ok for her to come more often, not my dogs..or the guinea pigs but Ida.  When I took her out of her carrier one lady said, "Where are you taking her? are you sure she will be treated well?" I said, "She is going to visit someone in bed, she will be just fine.  (they don't know that's where she is with me, bed is nothing new for her).  Oh how they would love Bubbles.  I have to say Ida is the perfect therapy rabbit, or pet ever. 
  She earns her keep, yes she does.  "

Ida is living a very meaningful life as a pet and a therapy rabbit.  


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