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Sunday, March 05, 2017

First Morning of the California State Convention at Turlock

California State Rabbit and Cavy Association holds the annual convention at Turlock, CA on March 4 to March 5, 2017.
Very early in the morning, before most people arrive and way before judging starts, the dedicated wool breed exhibitors are busy setting up to groom rabbits.   In the picture are Matt grooming his English Angora, Jill working on her French Angora, Cindy brushes her Jersey Wooly and Renee sets up her grooming table.  Behind Renee is a white English Angora that Betty plans on grooming.


On the other side of the wool, Heather drove all the way from the northern Oregon, working on her French Angora and Carol W. is also working on her French Angora.   There are more setting up at the grooming area as time goes by.

Ashley Garza is the show A judge for three Angora breeds.  

Show B Angora judge is Jennifer Milburn who is Ashley's mother.

Matt is between the mother-daughter judging team.



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