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Saturday, November 05, 2016

Saturday Angora Judging at Cow Palace

These photos were taken during the Grand National Livestock Show at Cow Palace on Saturday, Oct. 22, 2016.

There are 18 English Angora on the table in show A.

Carol G. is the judge for English Angora in show A.

Judge Carol is excellent in all breeds but really tops in wool breeds.

The number 18 must be really good for Angoras, there are also 18 French Angora on the table.

Judge Kevin from AZ is comparing three French Angora littermate sisters in the colored junior doe class.

The French Angora colored senior buck has a huge coat.

In show B, judge Allen B. from So. CA is examining a white baby English Angora.

Judge Allen B. is looking at an English Angora buck.

Judge Allen blows into the coat to see how clean it is.

Judge Ray is the French Angora judge in show B.

Judge Ray is handling a chocolate agouti French Angora.

And there's another chocolate agouti French Angora.


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