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Monday, November 21, 2016

Knitting Retreat

There are different hobbies for different people.   Us rabbit people go to rabbit shows and rabbit conventions, knitters go to knitting retreats.
This "Super Summer Knitogether" is a very popular venue, those who wish to attend have to go through a lottery system to get in.

Carol G. is an accomplished knitter, she has been wanting to go to this retreat and she got in this year.   These things are in her goody bag when she checked in.

Though it's a knitting retreat, spinning wheel are everywhere and there's a class on advanced spinning.

Needless to say there are vendors selling beautiful yarns.

There are yarn, knitting tools, patterns, ... 

And there are classes.

The knitting retreat is held very close to Vanderbilt University, Carol took a walk in the beautiful campus.

A building at the Vanderbilt campus, full of southern charm.


A wheel at the Vanderbilt campus, for sure not a spinning wheel.


A plaque at Vanderbilt University.


Another shot of the beautiful campus of Vanderbilt University.


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