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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Judges' List Posting at Stockton

The shows in CA are very well organized.  All entries are submitted five to six days before the show and the judges lists of judging orders are posted on each table first thing in the morning.  Each judge has a normal load of 200-250 rabbits during a normal show day.  There are 11 judging stations at Stockton, that goes to 2200-2650 entries and around 1100 to 1300 rabbits in the showroom.

Melissa Magee, CA.

Chris Zemny, CA.


Carol Green, CA.

Cathy Szychulda, CA.


Paula Courtney, WI.

Jennifer Milburn, CA.

    Ilaena Mellentine, OR.

Ted Deloyola, OR.


Eunita Boatman, CA in the mornig and Allen Mesick, CA in the afternoon.


Randy Shumaker, CA.

Ray Stacy, CA.



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