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Friday, November 25, 2016

Angora Exhibitors from Carolyn's Lens


When Carolyn comes to visit, her photo lens are on the Angora people.

Betty is surprised about something while French Angora Claudina enjoys her baby hold.

It's Matt's big day, winning the first Best In Show with his home bred English Angora white doe Dora.

Patrick and Jill are the adorable couple who are together all the time.


Tammy and her Giant Angora come a long way, both literally and figuratively.    Tammy drove all the way from WA, long way; Tammy went from a new comer just three years ago to the convention Best of Breed in the national conventions two years in a row plus #1 in the sweepstakes.


Matt the handsome devil with his handsome devil black buck.

Betty busy grooming Lady GiGi.

Carol usually does not have much time grooming due to her judging duty, but she is working on her French Angora junior doe.

Jill with her chocolate agouti French Angora.


Ok, Ok, Matt is showing off again; is this his white buck?
Rene is a brand new Angora exhibitor, this is her first ever attendance to a rabbit show.  Her French Angora buck Fabian won BOSB in two out of the three shows. 

This is not a baby Angora, Rosanne is grooming her American Fuzzy Lop.



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