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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

A Great Day for Wool Breeds

It's a big show day, 11 judging stations and 12 judges with 1000-2000 rabbits under the roof of the big building at Stockton on a rainy Sunday.    Matt has his English Angora and Betty has her French Angora at the table, what did they do?

In show A, Matt wins his first ever Best In Show with his 7-month-old white English Angora Dora, and Matt gets the chance to have a picture taken with movie star judge Paula Courtney.    Paula is one of the major characters in "Rabbit Fever", she was the ARBA Queen when she was a youth.

Betty's French Angora Claudina gets the Reserve In Show honor from judge Ted in show B.   Claudina is three days shy of 5 months old.

Show A Reserve In Show is also a wool breed, the American Fuzzy Lop that is bred and shown by Carol G.

And then there is the NCAG Angora specialty show that has 54 English Angora, French Angora and Giant Angora combined.   Judge Cathy S. selects Betty's English Angora colored senior doe Dellafina as the specialty Best In Show.





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