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Monday, October 03, 2016

Another German TV Filming of Betty's Angora, Part I

This looks like a familiar scene, Betty grooming and someone filming.

Yes, this is another filming by a German TV company.

In June 2014, before Franchesca established her Guinness World Record, after appearance at the Steve Harvey Show, German TV RTL Televison from Cologne sent a team of two came to my home to film.  See

In January 2016, a few months after Franchesca's Guinness World Record was announced and after a filming by the UK news organization Barcroft TV,  another German TV company Golileo sent a team of a reporter and a videographer to make another program about my English Angora, see

Franchesca is now a mom and a grandma, long retired from showing and carrying a big long coat.   In her place for filming is her daughter Angelique.

I am very surprised to receive another request from Sven (standing in the middle) from RTL Televison wanting another filming in September.    I asked why, since the same station has done a segment on my English Angora already.

I was told that the program was so popular that they wish to film in some specific way, namely, slow motion to show the wool flying.

How do you get the rabbit to be so fluffy?  How do their wool grow so long?
It starts from a baby!  Or shall we say it starts from the good genes from the parents, grandparents, great grandparents, ...

This little one will be as fluffy as Angelique if I work hard at grooming and caring.

More to come...


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