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Monday, September 12, 2016

Waiting for A Clean Barn

Betty say,
What day is it?  It's the annual big cleaning day.  It's more accurate to say it's the annual big cleaning 3-day event!

We normally park our cars inside our garage but when the big annual cleaning days come, our cars have to stay on the driveway.

I took out every possible carrier that I own and set them on the cage stands.   This part is done the day prior to the cleaning day.

The next morning, each rabbit is taken out of the regular condo and put into a carrier.   

It sounds simple: Take the rabbit out and put into a carrier.  In reality, all the water bottles have to be hung, the feeders have to be filled and the rabbits are checked.   It's a job that takes 2+ hours.

In addition to those carriers on the cage stands, there are some more overflow carriers on the rollers and even a stack of spare condos.    Since the condos are bigger than the carriers, the girls are sharing spaces on a temporary basis.

 I really have to give credit to the English Angora breed, the girls have no issue in sharing space though they each has an individual condo prior to the cleaning day.   They just chill and share the food, water and space.

Clementina, Cuties and Halos are littermate sisters but they had not shared a condo since their baby days.  They are now reunited for the barn cleaning day.

Angelique has her full coat thus she has an individual quarter.

Angelique's littermate sister Emelina is nearby in a good size carrier as well.

Another littermate sister Eugenia also gets an individual carrier.

They are all waiting, waiting and waiting for a clean barn and clean condos.  


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