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Saturday, September 03, 2016

Learning from Grandma Cathy

Judge Cathy is working on the English Angora on the table and Carley is helping with clerking.

Carley is one of Cathy's 8 grand children, she has her own breeds but also is very intrigued by the English Angora.   Grandma Cathy is well known for being a top notch judge and also the chair of the ARBA Standard Committee, who else would be a better teacher than grandma!


Is Angelique huge or is Carley small?

Hailey is the oldest of Cathy's 8 grand children, her Mini Satin won triple youth Best In Show with her  at the WCC in 2015


Hailey and Carley with Angelique.


Grandpa John, Grandma Cathy and the two beautiful grand daughters Hailey and Carley.




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