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Wednesday, September 07, 2016

How Big is Your Show?

Shows are different sizes in different part of the country.    In general, the ARBA guideline is for a judge to judge no more than 250 rabbits on an given day.   It's quite common to assume 200-250 rabbits per judge,  so if you are trying to figure out how many rabbits are in a show room, take the number of judges then multiple by 200-250, you'll the get range of "entries".     Each "entry" is defined as a rabbit being judge once.   If it's a double show day, then each rabbit will be judged twice.  If a certain breed has a specialty show on top of the double all breed show, then the same rabbit will be counted as 3 entries.

Open and youth shows are separate, adult cannot show in the youth show but youth can show in the open show but not with the same rabbits that are entered in the youth show.
At the Solano RBA double open and double youth shows at Dixon, there are 9 judges.  From the number of judges, we can expect 1800 to 2250 entries.    Let's do a calculation from their assignment sheets:

Amy has 221.

Cathy has 156.

Armando has 240.

Allan has 230.

Ray has 256.

Melissa has 256.

Joe has 236.

Manuel has 230.

Chris has 241.

Total number of entries is 1810 that is within the range of 1800-2250.   Each breed is judged twice except that the Mini Lop was judged 3 times, the number of rabbits physically in the show room is about 880.

A show with this size is considered as a medium size show in our area.  It's quite normal to see anywhere from 6 judges to 12 judges in most of the shows here in the Bay Area to Central CA.    In case you are curious of how big or how small the show is, count the number of judges, and you'll get a good estimate.



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