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Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Good Time at Mill Hall, PA

They are having a good time together, what's the occasion?
It's a rabbit show, of course!   
West Branch RBA holds a Labor Day weekend show on Sunday, 9/4/16 at Mill Hall, PA.  
From back to front are:  Angora family Eric, Annie, April, Alyssa, Jamie, and Gabe.


A nice showroom full of happy people.  
Look at the smooth floor, it's wonderful for rolling the carriers around.

Judge Piper is checking on the white Angora. 
 The wooden coops are so different from the wire coops in CA.


In the Angora specialty show, the French Angora colored senior doe (L) and the colored junior doe (R) are competing for the BOV then BOB.    The winner is... the junior doe.   

Little girl Abigail loves French Angora and especially the colored junior doe "Glenda the Good."   We are looking at a future Angora breeder in waiting.

Here is a close-up shoot of "HGF Glenda the Good".


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