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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Cleaning, Cleaning and Cleaning

The most important tools for the major barn cleaning are the blow-torch and the power washer.

My beautiful gorgeous rabbits, why do you have to make such a mess in your condo with your pretty wool?

Angora wool, hay and spider web combined can make a big mess on the cages.

Here are the feeders waiting to be washed; how many mouths am I feeding everyday?

The blow-torch is great in flaming off the wool that hangs the poops on the wire floor.

The power washer takes away the pee and poops that are stuck on the cage.
A wet and clean barn.

The power washer also washes away the spider web, wool, and whatever cumulated in a barn over a period of time.

The feeders are cleaned and washed.  The biggest job in cleaning these feeders are the little perforated holes at the bottom.  Each hole has to be cleaned by using a skewer stick.   

The rollups used in the barn are washed and drying in the sun.

The barn is almost dry, some cages are also ready, ... 
Is it close to finishing the job?  


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