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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Back To Normal

What a beautiful sight, clean cages drying in the sun.

The clean and dry barn is once again housing the condo units.

The rollups are back in place, the water bottles are hung, the clean feeders are installed, all the English Angora are back to their individual condos.

The next morning, all the carriers are out of our garage waiting to be washed.

The back up stack and the back up carriers are cleaned and stacked next to our house in the backyard.

On our driveway are the regular show carriers, cleaned and dried in the sun.

The Big Valley Rabbit Association double open and NCAG specialty shows are coming up this weekend, the carriers are ready to accept occupants to go to the show.   

Yay,  show weekend!!!

Our cars are also washed and parked in our garage.  

Life is back to normal.

Normal life is good.


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