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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Tilton Ranch 100th Anniversary and Barbara's Birthday

The Tilton Ranch is one of the original ranch families in Morgan Hill, it has been in the family for generations.  This year is the 100th anniversary of the official establishment of the ranch.  It is a working cattle ranch with over 2500 acres of land.       Barbara is still the head of the household though the ranch is now run by her son and daughters.    On Sunday August 13, a celebration of Barbara's birthday and the anniversary of the ranch was held; friends and family were invited to join in for a BBQ.    Barbara sits in her comfort chair in the shade. 

Barbara at the Tilton Ranch over 80 years ago.

Barbara sits in the front, Bernice and Betty in the back.   All three were members of the South Valley Rabbit Warren in the 80s and 90s.   The club had meetings every month with educational programs and had put on a few shows.    Betty was a newbie comparing to Bernice and Barbara at the time.    Bernice was very much involved in Mini Lop and in shows but she no longer has rabbits.  Barbara still has rabbits and the sign of "Red Carpet Rabbitry" is still hanging on the barn.   Most of the rabbit activities are now conducted by her daughter Joann and the grandkids. 

Barbara has provided wonderful mentorship to Betty when she first started, detailed in a post 10 years ago:

During the 80s when Betty visited Barbara often to get advices, Barbara's granddaughter Megan was always following around.  Megan was a cute little 4 or 5 years girl then.

Look at Megan today in 2016!  She is for sure all grown up, so much taller than Betty.  Megan is videotaping all the guests in the birthday party, each guest would state name and how he or she met Barbara; Megan plans to edit it into a film for Barbara to view and keep.   


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