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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

French Angora Wins Best In Show in Maine


Allen judges everywhere in and out of the country.   When we were showing at Dixon, Allen was judging in Maine.      He was pleasantly surprised by the only French Angora shown in the show, excellent body and wool and beautifully groomed.   Here he is checking on the body.


Allen is here judging the Best In Show.   He is so impressed with this French Angora that he picks the doe Best In Show.    The owner of the rabbit is Jaime Thurlow, very experienced in cavy but fairly new in French Angora.   

There is a "treat" hidden in this picture.   Since Allen is originally from CT, most of us in CA have not met his family.   His parents went to Maine with him and his mom is in the photo.    Can you guess which one is Allen's mom?   Hint: Three people are surrounding her and talking with her.



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