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Monday, July 25, 2016

Randy and Allen's Angora Goats Sweep the State Fair


Randy and Allen's Angora goats did it again!   Look at their ribbons from the CA State Fair.

Champion colored buck Eureka! Seer #666, the winner of the Angora goat national as well.

The Champion and Reserve Champion bucks.

Eureka! Mohair farm sweeps the Angora goat competition at the State Fair: from right to left are Champion colored buck, Champion colored doe, Champion white buck and Champion white doe. 


The Champion colored doe Eureka! Flore #729 is also the winner of the best fleece. 

Eureka! Mohair Farm wins every class of the Angora goat completion at the State Fair.

For more photos, go to the Eureka! Mohair Farm Facebook page



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