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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Brodie Wins Specialty Best In Show at NCAG Angora Specialty Show

Northern California Angora Guild holds a specialty show in conjunction with the CRCS all breed shows at Watsonville, CA on July 17, 2016.

NCAG specialty show starts with English Angora.

There are quite a good number of English Angora on the table.

Our specialty show judge is Carol G. who starts out with the white English Angora, she loves the little white juniors.

Casey is the table help for judge Carol G. when she works on the colored English Angora.

Jill and Patrick are at the table when judge Carol G. works on the French Angora junior classes.

The English Angora BOB and French Angora BOB are both colored senior bucks.

Judge Carol G. says,  It's the bucks' day today, and the specialty Best In Show goes to......

The English Angora colored senior buck Chu's Brodie.


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