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Monday, June 06, 2016

Boys, Boys and Boys Again


In January, Franchesca's three sons were featured on:
when they were 5 months old.
Two months later in March, their individual photos were featured on:

The three boys are now 9 months old, they still look like identical triplets. 
Can you tell them apart?   Betty is their caretaker mom, she still has to look at their ear tattoos to make identification.


All three boys competed against each other in shows.   Leg wise, Brodie has the most legs, so far 18.

Ryan has the fewest legs but he has the most impressive win: All breed Best In Show at the West Coast Classic over thousands of rabbits.  


Stevens is the "in-between" brother, he has less legs than Brodie but more than Ryan.   

In their individual photos, each seems to have distinctive characteristics.   On the show table or put next to each other, it's hard to tell them apart.    As thoroughly familiar with them since birth, Betty still cannot tell them apart!



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