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Thursday, April 14, 2016

WCC 2016 - Saturday NCAG Second Specialty Show

The Saturday second NCAG Angora specialty show is judged by Scott R of Wyoming.

Judge Scott starts with Satin Angora in the specialty show, Shannon from OR works as the writer.

Satin Angora are known for their beautiful intense coat color.

HGF White Gold asks mama Jill when the French Angora are to be judged.


Judge Scott R us impressed with the chestnut agouti French Angora's ring definition.


A close up of the ring pattern of the chestnut colored junior doe.


ARBA King Adam from OH is watching judge Scott working on the Angora.   Adam flew in to teach the youth program in the WCC.    Also watching is Carolyn and hubby.


Judge Scott is placing the English Angora  colored senior buck class, Joyce from CO working at the table.


Heather from WA carries her three English Angora colored junior does to and from the table.  

The Best In Show in the NCAG 2nd specialty show is Betty's English Angora chocolate tort senior doe Chu's Angelique again.


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