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Friday, April 08, 2016

Touch or Don't Touch

Freddie says:  touch me, touch me, please touch me.

Brodie says: I'd rather you not touch me.


Creamy Dreamy stays in the back, no touch please.

Beckham also stays far from the touch zone.

Uptown Girls says, Dare you touch me!

Betty is known for putting "Do Not Touch" signs on her carriers.   What do others think about this touchy-feely thing?   Read this Dear Abby column:
"DEAR ABBY: I have very long hair and I'm proud of it. I have worn my hair long ever since I was a little girl. My problem is when I go somewhere, other women come up to me and start touching it.
I understand that they like my hair because they always compliment me on it, but I hate it when strangers touch me. Apparently, people have forgotten the concept of "personal space."
How can I tell someone -- without sounding rude -- to please not touch me? Or must I just keep quiet and tolerate it with a smile? -- RAPUNZEL IN DALLAS
DEAR RAPUNZEL: Not everyone enjoys being touched, particularly by strangers. If someone reaches out to pet you, smile, step back and say, "I'd prefer you not do that." You have a right to your personal space. As long as you say it in a pleasant but firm tone, no one has the right to be offended. And if someone is, refrain from making it your problem."



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