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Friday, April 01, 2016

Freddie Gets A Hair Cut Again

Freddie loves going to shows, he loves attention.

Freddie's coat is beautiful but it's time to take a break.


Mom, what are you doing?


Hair cut time again?  I hate that.


I am not happy.


Mom, you are not a good hair stylist, I am a mess.


My fans are going to be heart broken to see me like this, Mom, you better clean me up.


Freddie, look at your beautiful wool.   Your fans will be happy to get a piece of you when the wool is made into a scarf.


OK, Ok, not too bad, it feels good to be able to run around without tripping on myself.

Mom, don't leave me.


Where are you, Mom?


Come to me, Mom.


I am waiting...


I am lonely...



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