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Sunday, April 03, 2016

Angora Color and Wool Length, Part 1: A Black Angora is Never Black


Betty would like to illustrate the color change of an English Angora from birth to a full show coat.
In December 2011, I have a litter born with black, chocolate and tort.   Mom is a chocolate tort and dad is a black.
At three weeks old,  Zelda is the jet black bunny in the back.

At ten weeks old, Zelda starts to be carrying nice wool and the color is very black.

Zelda is almost six months old in May 2011.  Comparing to the previous picture, the color is no longer jet black.

Zelda at 9 months old, she is more of a gray than black but the Angora standard still calls it a black because genetically she is a black rabbit  aaB-C-D-E-   and that her face is very black.

Why does Angora coat lose the intense color when it grows?   Us Angora breeders accept that's the fact of raising the breed.  Have you thought about the reason?

We'll continue tomorrow.



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