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Sunday, March 20, 2016

James and His Daughters Holly and Taylor

At Portland, James brought his daughter Holly to the Angora area to say Hello.   It has been a long time since Betty saw Holly; Holly is now 26,  the last time Betty saw Holly she was less than 10 years old.   Holly is now living in Portland, attending graduate school working on her master's degree.

Two years ago, James also brought his younger daughter Taylor to a show.   Betty had not seen Taylor when she was a kid, but amazed at her resemblance to her mother.   Who's Taylor's mother, can you tell?

Here is a picture from the 90s, James, Holly, Taylor and mom Shannon.  

Us old timers remember Shannon who was a very popular judge and a top Netherland Dwarf breeder.    Betty had known Shannon since when she was in her teens, and Taylor is a replica image of Shannon at the same age.     Unfortunately Shannon  (September 11, 1965 - February 4, 2011)  passed away in her 40s, young and unexpected.



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