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Friday, March 25, 2016

CBS Filming at Betty's Home in CA

The filming was done on Thursday March 17, 2016 at Betty's home in Morgan Hill, CA.   It's a very nice sunny day with temperature in the 70s. 
The segment on rabbits is tentatively set for airing on Easter Sunday, March 27 in the "CBS Sunday Morning" program between 6 am and 7:30 am.    Check your local listings. 
CBS journalist John Goodwin films Betty grooming a white English Angora.

An English Angora tort buck is on Betty's lap to have his underside groomed.

Betty plays with the English Angora does in the exercise pen.


The does are having a good time running around.


Betty explains how wool is stored then to be used for spinning.


John films Betty's purple Angora mitten that matches Betty's purple Angora vest.


The filming moves inside, John films the Guinness World Records book.


Betty's trophies are a little dusty, hopefully the dust won't show up too well in the film.


Then there is a sit down interview.   John has a list of questions for Betty to answer.


Either John is very tall or Betty is very short!  It's both, John is 6'6" and Betty is 5'3".

John Goodwin's official title is Digital Journalist/Associate Producer, he works out of the CBS Network San Francisco Bureau.    He covers from hard news to fluff pieces for the network programs, including but not limiting to CBS Evening News, 60 Minutes, CBS This Morning, CBS Sunday Morning, ...  John graduated from the Journalism program at the University of Oregon then moved to NYC to work for CBS.  He was recently transferred back to the west coast to work at the CBS San Francisco Bureau. 

Betty is pretty sure that this is the fluffiest piece John has ever covered!  How many of the above scenes are to be used in the segment, no one knows.   There will be editing done to combine the filming done in CA and PA and to fit the allotted time in the "CBS Sunday Morning" show on March 27, 2016.

In tomorrow's post, we'll see photos of CBS crew filming in PA.



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